Student Recruiting

The success of any organization like ours is to be able to replace members that retire, move away, or even pass away.  We have been working on a program to recruit new and younger members.

For several years we have invited local students to our October Seminar, free of charge.  We have decided to expand upon those efforts.  You will note a new link on the left called “student recruiting.”  Take a moment, click on it, and browse around.  We are actively looking for college students to join NY/CT-ATP, Inc. as student members.  We have developed discounted membership rates and discounted meeting rates for those students.

Please join our recruiting campaign!  If you are aware of accounting and tax majors who would like to broaden their academic experience with our pragmatic business dinners and training sessions, please look at our recruiting materials and direct any student candidates to our website.

If you need any help, please reach out to our very own Cal Kaplow, Director